Icy Espresso Frappe
Frappe di Caffe

serves: 4 servings

Like Torino and Trieste, Naples is a great caffè town. And in their warm climate, Neapolitans have perfected the art of iced coffee, as exemplified by this blender-whipped refreshment. It is a dessert and espresso break all in one-just the kind of treat to enjoy while engaging in the sport of people watching in a caffè in Naples.

2 cups strong, hot, freshly brewed espresso
6 tablespoons sugar, or more to taste
3 cups ice, finely crushed
½ cup whipping cream


While the espresso is hot, stir in 5 tablespoons sugar (or to taste). Let the coffee cool to room temperature.

If you don't have crushed ice, pulverize the ice cubes in a food processor (my preference) or a blender, into fine bits. Return the crushed ice to the freezer.

Whip the cream, with a spoonful of sugar if you like, until smooth and holding soft peaks. Keep it chilled.

When thoroughly cool, pour the espresso into the empty blender jar. Churn on high speed for at least 2 minutes, until it becomes light in color and frothy.

Pour an equal amount of the espresso frappe into each chilled glass, quickly add a share of crushed ice and top with a mound of whipped cream. Serve right away with a long spoon.