Fresh Pear and Pecorino Ravioli
Cacio e Pere

serves: makes 20 to 24 ravioli

This delicate and quite simple ravioli is a lovely way to enjoy the affinity of pear and cheese. The filling is a lively blend of shredded ripe pear, shredded 3 to 6 months aged Pecorino Romano (it should be semisoft) and mascarpone-just stirred together at the last moment.

1 large Bartlett pear, ripe but firm
8 ounces Pecorino Romano, freshly shredded
1½ tablespoons mascarpone cheese, chilled
1 pound Poor Man's Two-Egg Pasta, (See Recipe)

For Cacio e Pepe Sauce
6 ounces butter
4 ounces Pecorino Romano, mild 12 month aged, grated
freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Preparing the Filling

Peel and core the pear and shred it against the large holes of a box grater. Stir the shreds with the shredded cheese in a bowl and blend in the mascarpone.

Saucing in the Skillet and Finishing

Prepare and cook the ravioli according to instructions in Poor Man's Two Egg Pasta. Meanwhile, heat the butter until simmering in the large skillet and thin it with a cup of the boiling pasta water. Lay the cooked ravioli in the skillet and coat with the hot butter. Remove the pan from the heat and sprinkle over the grated aged Pecorino, mixing gently so the cheese begins to melt into a sauce, then grind coarse black pepper all around.