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Layered Casserole with Beef,Cabbage and Potato

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Layered Casserole with Beef,Cabbage and Potato cookbook: Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy
region: Valle D'Aosta
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Diana says
I made this for the first time last Sunday and though it took me a long time to get it all together it came out beautifully. Next time the preparation will go more quickly now that I know what is expected. We invited friends for dinner and they were the guinea pigs for us. The casserole was a huge hit and I look forward to trying it again with pork and lamb. I'm loving this receipe book, "Lida Cooks for the Heart of Italy" and am looking forward to trying more receipes!

WJCinNJ says
this may be a silly question, but is the meat cooked before puttingthe dish together?

parkview says
Funny, that was my question too! I think the meet is not cooked prior to assembling. Can I ask Diana what exact cut of meat you used? Can you order beef shoulder at the butcher? Will he know what I'm talking about? Thanks!

russ says
Regarding the questions about pre-cooking the meat, no you do not. That's what makes the dish so easy to prepare. I was concerned about the large amounts of fresh rosemary and sage, both of which have such distinctive flavors and can easily overwhelm a dish, but the taste was superb. Neither dominated the other and the combination resulted in a rich indescribable flavor. I do wonder about the 425 oven temperature. I cooked it at 375 for an hour and then at 325 for the remainder of the cooking.

tonyt says
I made it this past Sunday, it was OMG delicious

tonyt says
About the cut of meat, the recipe calls for a beef shoulder roast so I bought an Austrailian Tri Tip roast from Trader Joes(TJ's told me it was a shouldercut) and it was perfect.

DelAvo says
i *love* this recipe. i must have made it half-a-dozen times by now. i love it as written. i love it with different budget cuts of beef (i've even made it with cubed steak). but what i love best is that it is versatile. my favorite variation so far is to make it with pork, adding apples and onions to the cabbage and potatoes.

misterfran says
I just made this last night, and it was amazing. the hardest part is waiting 3 hours to eat it.

Audra says
Sounds delicious, what do you serve with it?

valeria says
I love this recipe too! But I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how big the pan is (dimensions), because I think mine was a tad big and the amount of patatoes the recipe called for wasn't enough.

arielbird says
The meat goes on raw and is braised by the wine and the steam from the vegetables. This is also why (I think) the recipe starts out at such a high heat and why you tent the foil - if you put the foil on too tightly, the meat will steam without little moisture escaping and become rubbery. This is a great recipe! Very good winter dish and I plan to try it with pork shoulder sometime soon. I bet too that you can vary the bottom vegetable too as long as there is enough mass and liquid to the vegetable. I also have substituted grated Romano and Asiago cheeses for the Fontina and it worked fine that way too. And also when I was broke and couldn't afford so much cheese (or fat) I cut back on the cheese by 1/3 and used bread crumbs mixed with the cheese instead. Worked well. For the pan question, I always use a Pyrex 4.8 quart (10" x 14.5" x 2") dish for this and always *liberally oil the pan with olive oil first* to avoid heavy cleanup later. Since this dish is heavy I usually don't serve anything with it except a very little green salad. A good full red Cabernet is superb with this also. I heart Lidia - so far, all of her recipes work!

weight25 says
the chef on the show says to cook at 350, this recipe says at 425. which was is correct.

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