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Macaroni and Cheese
Maccheroni al Formaggio

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Macaroni and Cheese
Maccheroni al Formaggio
cookbook: Lidia's Italy in America
main ingredients: Fontina cheese
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cinderz says
I made this for an Italian themed cooking contest held at my place of work and it won First Place. I so enjoyed making this. The next time I make it it's staying on my own table.... :)

piacere says
I grew up in an Anglo-American household. We ate a lot of macaroni and cheese during my childhood. (But always home made - NEVER out of a box!). One of my favorite foods. My husband grew up in a Sicilian-American household and had no idea what mac n cheese was until he met me. My hubby and I both agree that Lida's recipe is the best macaroni and cheese either of us had had. And so simple to make. We followed the recipe to the letter, including grating the day old bread on a box grater to create the crumbs. Whatever the "secret", it is a perfect outcome. We served it for a family dinner tonight and it was a big hit. Brava Lidia!

Kiki13 says
Hi...for those of you who have made this, I seemed to have a bit of an issue with the cheese. I followed the recipe correctly, letting the cheese soak in the milk. I did make sure to purchase finer cheeses and not store brands. I grated them all myself. I measured by cup amount, not pushing down the cheeses too much. My end product tasted fantastic, but the cheese didnt melt all the way, leaving a clumpy mac n cheese. I had big clumps of cheese throughout my dish. I also had way too much liquid, so when i put the mac and cheese into a 9x13 pan, the liquid was higher than the mac, so when i put the bread crumbs over the dish, they were submerged. I am not sure what I could have done different, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. I would love to make this again, because I am a mac and cheese lover and this tasted great. Thank you!!!! :)

foodie4life says
this was so good,it's insane! my daughter doesn't eat mac&cheese& she asked for it until we polished it off! will never eat boxed version again!

amatuercook2010 says
I was afraid try to attempt this recipe. turned out good, but made some adjustments based on what i had. Used 4 cups of milk, but ended up dumping half of the milk prior to baking. from my experiene with another mac and cheese recipe, the other recipe i tried ended up being watery. next time i will try half the milk in this one. I didnt have hard enough bread to grate so i ended up using my food dehydrator on a fresh loaf.ended up turning nice. i did use fontina cheese. the smell i was getting while grating it wasnt pleasent. i was afraid that would ruin the whole recipe. it ended up turning out ok. next time i will use a different cheese instead.ended up grating more cheese prior to the bake due to the cheese sauce not being cheesy enough for my wife. thanks for this recipe, i enjoyed it.

Alibaba1092 says
I've searched for a dozen years for the perfect Mac & Cheese and finally found it. This has become a staple in our household. Every single person who has "this" Mac & Cheese does not forget the taste or texture and I receive request to make this. When I do I put on my Claudio Villa cd and am transported into another time. Thanks Lydia you helped me end my search.

pauhana says
Just tried this and I had my doubts as I shoveled the stringy, gooey mess into the baking dish but - WOW! - was it ever wonderful! Can't believe it can be made with no thickener - no flour, no cornstarch. It must be her insistence that you stop cooking the pasta three to four minutes before the package directions say. It's got to be the starch released from the pasta into the watery mixture that does the trick!As they say in Hawaii, "Dis is da bes'!"

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