Share Authentic Italian Recipes with Your Entire Family

For the last fifty years, Italian food has been the single most popular ethnic cuisine in the United States. Whether it is endless bowls of spaghetti and meatballs or fresh thin crust pizza from a brick oven, America has a love affair with Italian food that is unquenchable. One of the most attractive aspects of cooking authentic Italian recipes at home is the fact that Italian cooking can be done by just about anyone. With the best Italian recipes and a sense of adventure, you can be creating Italian masterpieces in your very own kitchen.

Experiment with Real Italian Recipes

Before you head to your local market to pick up fresh ingredients, you need a recipe that can help you begin your Italian cooking adventure. Lidia offers an entire series of cookbooks that are full of the best real Italian recipes; perfect for an intimate and romantic meal with your partner or a rowdy family gathering on a Sunday afternoon. Pick from such titles as Lidia’s Italy and Lidia’s Family Table for the best in real Italian recipes that your entire family will love. Fortunately, there are several, so it’s possible to try one each night of the week or several over the course of a number of dinner parties.

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Get Real Italian Online Recipes

Lidia also has a number of wonderful Italian online recipes that are free to download and print. These amazing recipes are often seasonal dishes, so you can create light Italian dishes during the warm summer months and hardy Italian feasts during the colder months. Check Lidia’s website frequently as the Italian online recipes posted change all the time.

If you are wondering how long it will take you to master the authentic Italian recipes posted on Lidia’s website or published in her cookbooks, the answer is a lifetime, but don’t be discouraged. Trying new Italian creations is part of the joy of cooking, and in the process, you’re sure to not only discover food that you love, but a hobby that you enjoy too. Try real Italian recipes at home today for your loved ones; it is sure to make your kitchen a warmer, brighter place tonight.