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robynhode says
My favorite
Lidia, I love your show and your wonderful personality. Thank you so much!

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by robynhode on 08.13.13 0

pamscasa52 says
Lamb soup
we make the same soup lamb broth with egg and grated cheese stir in My grandmother brought the recipe with her from Naples Italy We call it Spitsauda that is just sounded out i have no idea of the spelling :)

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by pamscasa52 on 01.03.13 0

jlucich says
dessert recently on TV
add your replyI sam Lydia do a fried dough desert that I remember. Little dough balls coated with honey, stacked and dusted with multicolored sprinkles. My grandmother made this for Christmas and I am lookling for the recipe. PLEASE HELP

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by LadyB on 03.30.13 3

lamb soup
my sister makes a soup, which we call Easter soup - it is made with lamb, and broth, then eggs are scrambled in at the end. We do not where this comes from or what it is called. It was passed on from our Mama and Grandma - did you ever hear ot this? thank you.

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by pamscasa52 on 01.03.13 2

whatadish says
Can't find :(
A month ago or so, my local station aired one of Lidia's show with her mother...Lidia made stuffed escarole...I would LOVE to make this for my family.

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by Gambit on 03.23.12 1

moonunit23 says
I recently made cornbread for the first time and my husband loved the flavor.However the result was very dry and crumbly. It was diffucult to spread anything on it because it fell apart. How do I make it moister so it will hold together? The ingredients are cornmeal, flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, eggs, sour cream and oil.

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by Martha1 on 05.08.12 1

jross says
Featured wine on program segments
I always try to see the name of the wines Lidia pairs with her food and never seem to have enough time to jot down names of varietals or wineries that produce them. Would like to know how to buy them. Love the program.

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by jross on 12.04.11 0

jimmymcardle says
How to freeze Basil
I have an abundance of Basil and would like to freeze it. Last time I froze it I found it to be black when I was ready to use it. Can you help me? JimM

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by tmp24 on 11.01.11 1

mdiscepo says
Best places in Naples for pizza
Hi Lidia, I took your cooking class on Sept. 8th and after the class I asked you if you could recommend places in Naples to try the pizza. You couldn't think of it then but I'm hoping you can give me some info since I will be going there in October, specifically to try the pizza. I loved the cooking class that you gave and the food was great! So was the wine... Thank you Lidia!! MaryAnn

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by mdiscepo on 09.15.11 0

spiderhunters says
Kanoodle "german gnocchi"
I caught an episode of Lidia's show where she was making a "german gnocchi" or kanoodle as she called it. It was using bread instead of potatoes and looked absolutely scrumptuous. But I cannot find the recipe on the website. Please help! thx Vivek

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by spiderhunters on 08.27.11 0

misaklappie says
Wheat & Gluten free pizza's & Spaghetti
Hi Lidia Do you know any wheat and gluten free pizzas, cakes and spaghetti .

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by misaklappie on 08.01.11 0

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