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Feast of the Seven Fishes

Chiffonade says
Just watched the Holiday Celebration episode online thanks to a link forwarded by a good friend from Pittsburgh. His PBS station aired it but mine in Atlanta did not. LOVED IT! I do the Feast of the Seven Fishes every year for Christmas Eve. I tell my friends "Anyone can come to Thanksgiving, even if I don't know you - but I've got to love you to invite you to Christmas Eve." Of course, all the usual suspects make their appearance in one incarnation or another - but a couple of things do not vary. In the beginning of the meal, a platter of cold cocktail fish is offered. On this platter is what I like to call "Make believe crabmeat" or "Krab with a K." You may wonder why I include such a low-rung fish in this important Feast. My mother (RIP) loved it. We never cooked it, just dunked it in homemade cocktail sauce and that's how I serve it. The other course that does not vary is the final entree - Whole lobster stuffed with lump crabmeat. It brings me back to my childhood and when times were tough, we'd eat hot dogs during the year but my mother would make sure that she, my brother and I would each have our own lobster. I so enjoy preparing this meal and look forward to it all year. Thanks, Lidia, for being such a warm, friendly ambassador for Italian cooking. I mean no disrespect but culinary prowess aside you're everybody's Italian Grandma. Even the blind can see the love you put into food and family. Ciao bella!

December 22, 2011 / 6:42am

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