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robynhode says
My favorite
Lidia, I love your show and your wonderful personality. Thank you so much!

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by robynhode on 08.13.13 0

pamscasa52 says
Lamb soup
we make the same soup lamb broth with egg and grated cheese stir in My grandmother brought the recipe with her from Naples Italy We call it Spitsauda that is just sounded out i have no idea of the spelling :)

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by pamscasa52 on 01.03.13 0

michele1515 says
Easter Bread "Gallum"
Does anyone know what I am talking about. In South Florida noone knows. In NY everywhere. Am Trying to get receipe. Can anyone help me. Happy Easter

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by LimetimeTV on 05.06.13 1

jlucich says
dessert recently on TV
add your replyI sam Lydia do a fried dough desert that I remember. Little dough balls coated with honey, stacked and dusted with multicolored sprinkles. My grandmother made this for Christmas and I am lookling for the recipe. PLEASE HELP

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by LadyB on 03.30.13 3

lamb soup
my sister makes a soup, which we call Easter soup - it is made with lamb, and broth, then eggs are scrambled in at the end. We do not where this comes from or what it is called. It was passed on from our Mama and Grandma - did you ever hear ot this? thank you.

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by pamscasa52 on 01.03.13 2

sticksinthemud says
Pasta made with zucchini?
Hi, My mom watches this show and swears that she saw and episode where Lidia made pasta with zucchini, fontina cheese, and some other things. It was green. I have read all the episode descriptions for 3 years and I've looked through all 45 pages of recipes and I cannot find a recipe like this. Can anyone help?! Many thanks in advance.

posted in Best Pasta Disheslast discussed by sticksinthemud on 02.15.12 0

whatadish says
Can't find :(
A month ago or so, my local station aired one of Lidia's show with her mother...Lidia made stuffed escarole...I would LOVE to make this for my family.

posted in Learn From Lidialast discussed by Gambit on 03.23.12 1

humm says
please help
I'm having trouble finding a couple of recipes that my grandmother used to make when I was young that I would like to recreate for my children. she was from Messina and my grandfather from Lipari. The first one was a soft biscuit type of thing that she called cusadoush (spelling?) the second one she just called plaits or braids and was a fried pastry that she made for special occassions

posted in Favorite Italian Disheslast discussed by humm on 02.04.12 0

Tosha says
St. Joseph's Fig Cookies
to windella and anyone else trying to find the recipe: The only place I could find it was on the TODAY SHOW website which posted it following Lidia's appearance on the show!

posted in Home Cookinglast discussed by Tosha on 01.29.12 0

sassy4609 says
add your replycould u please tell me how i would find todays show , i was a my nephews house baby setting. he had time warner cable . i dont know what channel it was on. i have direct tv. your show consist of fried crab cakes and stuffed tomatoes with rice and ham. it sounded delious . i would love the recipe.... ty

posted in From the Sea to Your K...last discussed by sassy4609 on 01.14.12 0

eastsidecropper says
Christmas Eve Feast of Seven fishes
Every Christmas Eve my daughter has taken the tradition over from me. She does a great job and incorporates the 7 fishes into 7 different dishes. She has been doing this for 10 years now and thoroughly enjoys it. We have all our immediate family members over and a good time is had by all.

posted in From the Sea to Your K...last discussed by eastsidecropper on 01.16.12 0

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