Traditional Italian Recipes for You

If you’re like us, you enjoy reading new recipes and the stories that go with them almost as much as you like to cook. We hope you find pleasant reading—and cooking—these traditional Italian recipes, altered only to make them easier for the American cook or more delicious for anyone with an appetite. You’ll find a fabulous onion gratinate, one of the best Italian recipes for shrimp alla buzara, a nice antipasto in Roasted Pepper Rolls Stuffed with Tuna (preferably oil-cured tuna from Italy, but use what you can find), and more. Browse, relax, and welcome to Lidia’s Italy!

Please note: Our recipes section is updated regularly, so you may find other wonderful recipes instead of the ones mentioned here. Bookmark the website and check back often: you’ll find new recipes. You can also get these and many other recipes from the heart of Italy in one of Lidia’s cookbooks.

Best Italian Recipes, Cookbooks

We’ve done all we can to make it easy for you to bring the heart of Italy into your kitchen. Please see the many books and DVDs available here to see what we mean.

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