Learn Authentic Italian Recipes

If you have ever wanted to pick up authentic Italian cooking, but you didn’t know where to start, tune into your local public television station and watch Lidia’s Italy. World renowned chef Lidia Bastianich will take you on a tour of her ten favorite regions of Italy and demonstrate the wonder of all natural cooking for the entire world to see. Learn simple Italian recipes you can easily duplicate in your own kitchen. See the beauty of Italy, and understand what it is that makes Italian food so attractive to so many. What are you waiting for? Explore one of the most magical lands on Earth and learn authentic Italian recipes along the way.

Lidia’s new show is part travel guide, part cooking extravaganza. She’ll demonstrate the entire cooking process, from picking the right fresh ingredients to serving the finished product. In between, Lidia will dig deep into the surrounding culture to discover the origins of some of our favorite authentic Italian recipes. You’ll learn more than how to make a fantastic meal when you see Europe with Lidia. You will get a cultural experience you’ll never forget.

Duplicate Italian Food Recipes

What fun is a cooking show if you can’t duplicate the wondrous Italian food recipes you saw on television? Most of Lidia’s best known favorites are now available in one of the many excellent cookbooks or right on the site. Amazing Italian food recipes in your very own kitchen are possible with the right ingredients and recipes from Lidia's Italy. Lidia’s fabulous demonstrations on screen will not only help you make great food every time, but they’ll help to ensure you never miss a step.

Simple Italian Recipes Are Best

Lidia’s Italy now has 52 total episodes that explore the best in simple Italian recipes. If you have missed any episodes, you can purchase the enlightening demonstrations of traditional Italian recipes you missed on DVD. The world of authentic Italian cooking is here for you to explore with Lidia and her new hit series Lidia’s Italy!